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From Josie Scarlet Beauty

Straight isolation tweezer

Straight isolation tweezer

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With ultra grip our tweezers won’t be leaving any lashes behind. Say bye to those stray lashes wasted on your lash strip! 

All of our tweezers come with a fibre head tip meaning you won’t spend ages trying to find the sweet spot when picking up and fanning lashes- the whole tweezer head is the sweet spot (yes, some lash techs do use the straight tweezer for fanning)🤩

The straight isolation tweezer is insane for getting that one individual lash alone. It has the most control as it is straight, and direct. Better isolation leads to an overall better set, no stickies which means less time stress for you, better retention and in general an EASIER appointment.🤝

Our CEO has never looked back since using our fibre tip tweezers- if you haven’t tried them yet take this as your sign to start now! Welcome to a much easier life as a lash tech girl❤️

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