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Together forever super bonder

Together forever super bonder

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Unlike primer, bonder is an essential for every single lash set you do. As the false lash is applied to the natural lash it starts to bond together, when you then apply bonder at the end of your set this bonding is complete within seconds. This means you are able to wash your clients lashes after the appointment and getting them wet will not impact their retention. 

Aside from the huge retention difference, bonder will also make your clients experience a lot more comfortable. As the set has been bonded, the glue has been cured so the fumes then disappear. What does this mean for your client? When they open their eyes there won’t be any stinging or burning sensations, and no streamy eyes. Leaving them with pretty lashes & painless eyes 🥰


For maximum retention use with the ‘Before I met you’ primer and ‘Stuck on you’ lash adhesive. 


(Please note this does depend on the client, if the client is super sensitive they may still get some burning sensation)

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